Stripper I.

Stripper I.The most commonly used stripping tools in the fiber optic industry. In a short stroke, the red handle removes 900um buffer tube and the 250um or 500um fiber coating on tight buffer cable. The blue and white handles remove the larger tubes that contain fibers in loose tube cable applications.

Type Handle color Strip capability
NN203 red 203 mikron
NN254 blue 254 mikron
NN305 white 305 mikron

Stripper II.

Inserted the fiber in the proper hole the 250um and 900um buffer can be removed separetly

Stripper III.

Stripper III.The Miller stripper is specially designed for fiber optic installers who require a precision stripping tool. This exceptional tool is recommended for stripping 250um coated fiber and 900um buffer tube. The stripper has a 0,14mm laser drilled hole, soft plastic-cushioned handle grip and super accurate, hardened stripping jaws insuring smooth, clean stripping action.

Stripper IV.Stripper IV.

Cut and stip jackets from fiber cable with this precision jacket stripper. The dual "V" notch blade allows the quick removal of jacket. 0,8 - 2,6mm holes.

Loose tube opener I.Loose tube opener I.

In case of loose tube outdoor cable with the installers often happens, some fibers nessecary to select only, the others go ahead. Using this tool the installer have to cut the selected fibers only.

Loose tube opener II.

Loose tube opener II. Loose tube opener II.1,9-3mm tube diameter. Shipped with spare blade.

Scribe toolScribe tool

Housed in a metal housing. The scribe has a 60° cone point and for wider cutting surface 90° wedge.


Acid-proof, non-corrosive, antimagnetic metal. Suitable to pick up the fiber.


This is made of strong steel with scraper and file on both sides.

Kevlar cutterKevlar cutter

The non-slip serrated kevlar cutter provides high leverage shear cuts with ease.Intensely heated high carbon steel contains a quick action spring response making cutting quick and easy.

Alcohol dispenserAlcohol dispenser

Convenient access to fluid protects product purity. Just press down and alcohol pumps up. Valve seals contents in bottle, and fluid remains contamination free. This opaque plastic dispenser has lockable cup.

Cable cutterCable cutter

With hardened cutting edge.

Round cable slitterRound cable slitter

The fiber optic cable requires a tool that is capable of cutting into the outer jacket. It is capable of handling cable diameter 6-19mm. Adjustable blade cuts the jacket.

Buffer tube stripper

The stripper with adjustable blades can be set for any depht to cut simplex cable or loose tube without nicking the enclosed fiber.

Fiber cleaver

It cleaves MM fibers for mechanical splicing or SM, MM fibers for fusion splicing to desired variable lenghts.

Optikai kábel szerszám klt.Tool kit

We can offer complete tool kit for fiber optic installers.


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