INNO INSTRUMENTS fusion splicer

View7 szálhegesztő The Inno Instruments company is a supplier of several fusion splicer manufacturers, therfore many components are similar.  
Inno has announced three new models in Oct 2014 :

  • View3 clad aligment
  • View5 core alignment
  • View7 core alignment

All models has many unique features which is apparent between competitive products:

  • 5”high resolution color LCD with grafical user interface (GUI)
  • Touch screen magnification 520x
  • Illuminated keypad
  • 4200mAó battery for  170 cycles (splicing + heating)
  • View7: 9800mAó battery for 355 cycles (splicing + heating)
  • 3500 arc electrode lifetime
  • 3 years quarantee


Further informations: