Curing ovenCuring oven

The supplied holding block cures a variety of connectors including 24 pcs ST, FC or SMA connectors. The front panel features temperature control allowing the proper cure of epoxy. The temperature can be checked by termometer.

Size:15,2x18,8 cm
Weight:8,8 kg
Temp. range:60 °C- 125 °C
Temp. stability:0,5 °C
Power:220 VAC, 50 Hz
Current:0,41 A

Crimp tool

Crimp tool

The crimp tool is designed to succesfully assemble a variety of connectors.


  • Changable die
  • Contains 3 crimp sizes : 3,8 mm, 4,5 mm, 5,4 mm

Polishing discsPolishing discs (ST, SMA, FC, SC)

During the polishing process the ST connector is not secured so floats the disc. The floating technology allows to prepare the PC style as well as the standard flat style. All discs have grooved faces adding efficiency and easy to polish process.

Soft polish pad and polish plateSoft polish pad and polish plate

The 5x100x220 mm suitable for flat polished ferrule. When polishing PC ferrule use the soft polish pad on the glass plate for proper polish of fiber without destroying the pre-radius ferrule.

Application syringeApplication syringe

It is a tool for injecting epoxy into the connector.

Polishing filmsPolishing films

For an optimum connector polish we recommend a 3 stage polish utilizing 5, 1 and 0,3 micron film.

Size:76x203 mm
Roughness:5, 1, 0,3 um
Type:Alumíniumoxid, Szilíciumoxid
Package:100 db/csomag

EPO-TEK epoxyEPO-TEK epoxy

This two part epoxy is a favorite of many fiber optic users. The applicatin of heat provides a quick cure, turning the epoxy to a red color.

Heat cure time:80 °C: 15 min.
100 °C: 5 min.
120 °C: 2 min.
150 °C: 1 min.
Temperature range:-50 °C - +200 °C
Refractive index:1.5600
Viscosity:2000 cps
Storage temp.:20 °C

Fast cure epoxy

Two part epoxy, we recommend it for field application. Curing time is 5 - 10 min.

Consumable itemsConsumable items

  • A 2,5mm Mini swab for cleaning adapters.
  • Wipes as a lint free product used with alcohol for cleaning fiber and connector end faces.
  • Isopropil alcohol for cleaning fiber and connector for better transmission performance.
  • Canned, 250 ml.
  • Canned air removes particles from normally inaccessible areas.