Introducing our Company

FONET Ltd. was established in 1995; however, it had been present under another name since 1993. Its business activities in the field of fiberoptic networks include trade, manufacturing, network construction, and from 2002 on, optical instrument calibration. Our products are used for construction of CATV, LAN, measurement and data acquisition, control engineering, telecommunications, etc. cable networks. The importance of security technology should also be mentioned as it is impossible to obtain the information transmitted without accessing the fibers. As this professional area is very young, launched in Hungary in the early 90s, we have gained a uniquely great amount of practical experience. This, coupled with the fact that our profile has not changed since then and it will not change in the future, either, empowers us to choose the following slogan:

Since 1995 Fiberoptics is our specialty

Our activities in detail


As our products represent particularly high technological standards, they are manufactured in industrially advanced countries. Our supplier selection criteria are as follows, in order of importance: quality, reliability, readiness to cooperate, and price. We make efforts to establish long-term supplier relationships because this may also provide a basis for our Company's reliability.

Our offer includes a wide range of materials required for network construction. If a product not yet distributed by us is required, we can use our wide-spread connections to procure it.


We produce patch and pigtail cables. These cables are for connecting cable ends and active devices. Manufacturing involves the installation of optical connectors and measurements. Connectors are mounted in the course of a process of several phases. The tools, machinery, and technology required represent the latest standards of development. As our Company is a SEIKO FOC (Fiber Optic Components) agent in Hungary, connecto rs and technology are provided by SEIKO. The quality of our products only partly depends on the technology applied: long-time practical experience is also essential. This cannot be substituted by anything else, taking competitors into account.

Testing is a critical point of manufacturing. Connector parameters are specified by international standards. The importance of measurements for us is illustrated by the fact that there are parameters that we are only capable to measure in Hungary as the special instrument required therefor is highly expensive. Our plant is an enclosed, clean area.

As a consequence, our Company is a top optical connecting cable manufacturer in Hungary.

Network construction

We undertake to construct end points of optical networks. Cabling is performed by highly specialized subcontractors as it also involves specific work requiring a large amount of staff. End point construction is performed by fibre welding equipment. As regards measurements, we possess all instruments required for measuring transmission characteristics and the contact points installed, as well as for troubleshooting operative networks or possibly seeking for disruptions.


Optical instrument calibration has been included in our profile since 2002. As this presupposes a considerable investment, our Company is a top player in this area as well. This laboratory of ours also has instruments unique in Hungary. 15 parameter types can be measured; no more is required.

The above provides substantial proof that FONET Ltd. possesses leading-edge equipment and instrumentation, which - coupled with practical expertise - ensures world standard product manufacturing and services.